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How to Combat the Effects of Hay Fever on the Skin

While the summer season brings hotter temperatures and sunnier weather, the downside is for many, hay fever sharply follows. Although hay fever itself is a medical condition, all that itching, sneezing and irritation can take a toll on your skin – particularly around the eyes. If that's you, keep reading as we share our advice for looking after skin affected by the symptoms of hay fever. 

How can hay fever affect the skin?

Hay fever can leave your skin feeling irritated, itchy, dry and sore – and this can often lead to redness. Watery eyes and excessive rubbing can cause skin irritation and dryness around the eye area, whilst constantly blowing your nose can leave you with flaky, dry skin around the nostrils. You skin can also become sensitised with your regular routine of products potentially irritating the skin further. 

What can you do to support the skin?

Stick to a gentle cleanser.

If your skin is suffering the consequences of hay fever, your best bet when it comes to cleansing is to opt for a simple, gentle formula – such as a milk or cream. This will help to ensure you’re not stripping your skin of any moisture (as it will probably already be drier than usual). Be extra gentle with the delicate skin around your eyes when it comes to removing makeup – particularly as they are likely to be itchy and irritated.

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    Take a break from the actives.

    The skin can often become much more sensitive when hay fever is at play. Put the actives to the side for the time being (we’re talking your retinoids, exfoliating acids ) and keep your routine simple, focusing on hydration, nourishment and repair. Hydrating serums can help with dehydration caused by dryness and if redness is a concern, try an anti-redness serum or treatment that contains tiger grass (also known as cica) which is known for its skin-soothing benefits.

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    Opt for a thicker moisturiser/balm in localised areas of dryness and irritation.

    Certain areas of the skin, especially around the nose, can become particularly dry and irritated. Using a thicker, more industrious moisturiser on these areas can help to combat this. You can also keep a repairing balm with you to reapply throughout the day – this will help to protect and calm the skin, preventing you from getting a sore nose each time you need to blow. Some great options include:

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    Use a repairing eye cream.

    Irritation of the skin around the eyes can be helped by introducing an eye cream with moisturising and repairing properties. Look for the inclusion of ceramides on the ingredients list as these help to strength the skin barrier. 

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    Give cooling treatments a go.

    Let’s face it, sometimes you just need instant relief from the itching and irritation. A cold jade roller/stone, stored in the fridge and applied to the skin can provide instant cooling relief as well as de-puffing at the same time. Alternatively, a refreshing gel mask can help to quickly cool and hydrate the skin.

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