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How To Look After Your Skin During Ramadan

We are over halfway through the month of Ramadan, and for many within the Muslim community, this means they have been fasting from dawn to dusk, abstaining from eating and drinking whilst focusing more on reconnecting with their faith and spirituality.

By now, some of the effects of up to 15 hours of fasting will have appeared. Whilst some adjust to the change in appetites, others begin to notice the effect that fasting has on their skin, directly caused by the lack of drinking water throughout the day and the sudden shift in what and when we eat. 

What happens to the skin?

Due to the lack of hydration, skin can appear dull, feel tighter and can generally become drier. This could also cause fine lines to appear, giving an overall appearance of tired, lacklustre skin. 

What can you do about it?

Combatting this is simple with the right routine and tips. In the evenings, ensure that you are drinking enough water and avoid foods that are greasy and high in salt. I always believe in prevention over intervention and with the right selection of products, your skin can very soon appear to be happy and healthy. Not only does this self-care ritual benefit your skin but the time given to yourself can really help to reset your mind - something that I do more of during Ramadan.

  • To combat dryness, I almost strictly use hydrating, creamy cleansers. I recommend the Kate Somerville Delikate Soothing Cleanser, suitable for all skin types - especially those with sensitivities. 
  • An absolute must-have in your routine is a hydrating serum and it doesn’t get better than the Jordan Samuel Hydrate, a weightless serum that instantly absorbs into the skin and helps to combat dehydration.
  • When my skin is tired, I can be prone to fine lines around the eyes and so I like to use a targeted eye cream. The Sunday Riley Autocorrect helps to reduce the appearance of tiredness, thanks to the inclusion of caffeine and ginseng root extract which smooths and brightens.
  • Another must-have is a hydrating mist. For a hydration refresh, I love the Luneia Drench Dew Face Mist as it contains hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and sodium pca, alongside niacinamide and zinc which help to calm my breakouts.
  • During the month of Ramadan, I don’t reach for my makeup as much, so as an easy alternative, I like to use a bronzing serum to give my skin a bright and dewy appearance. I personally love the Typology Tanned Complexion Serum as it instantly bronzes the complexion and zaps away any sallowness leaving behind a healthy, luminous glow.
  • And finally, as always, SPF is important to avoid additional skin damage. I have been loving the newly launched Glow Recipe Niacinamide sunscreen with SPF 50; a lightweight blend of mineral and chemical sunscreen filters that hydrates, soothes and evens skin tone.


Ramadan is truly a special month and I wish all of you observing a peaceful rest of the month.

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