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Top Tips for Combination Skin

Did you know that combination skin is the most common skin type? 

As the name suggests, combination skin means you experience a mixture of skin types. Typically, this is seen as balanced skin (‘balanced’ being a far more accurate alternative to the widely used term ‘normal skin’ - because what is that exactly?) with oily areas - usually the t-zone - or balanced skin with dry patches.

Think you have this skin type? Here are our top tips on how to look after it:

Use gentle cleansers that won’t strip the skin and cause it to become more out of balance. Gel, cream and milk formulas are all great options. 

Niacinamide is known to regulate oil production and support the skin’s barrier, making it a brilliant ingredient for combination skin that is prone to excess oil. Look for this ingredient in your serums or moisturisers. 

Apply broadly, treat locally. For example, if you have an oily t-zone but are balanced everywhere else, apply treatments to that specific area rather than all over the face. A BHA exfoliant is great for areas that are prone to excess oil and congestion. Whereas an AHA or PHA may be better suited to drier areas.

Choose a hydrating moisturiser to apply all over the face and then layer a facial oil or nourishing balm over dry patches.

Don’t be afraid to ‘multi-mask’. This entails using multiple faces masks at one time (not on top of each other!) to target specific skin concerns. For example, you may wish to use a purifying clay mask on an oily t-zone and a hydrating mask on dehydrated cheeks.


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