Spotlight On: The Moisturiser

The very first launch of the Skin Rocks Moisturise category, meet The Moisturiser – your daily moisturiser to give you instant hydration and help support long-term skin health and radiance. The Moisturiser caters to those prone to sensitivity or who simply prefer un-fragranced products by offering a fragrance-free formula, as well as those who prefer a more sensorial experience with our signature light, refreshing, scented option.

About the brand:

Built on Caroline's 25 years of experience, Skin Rocks aims to bolster you and your skin to be the best it can be. Combining efficacy and science with clarity and education, truth is our responsibility. We'll always be clear on whether you actually need to purchase one of our products and more importantly when you do not. All of our products have 'you need this if' and 'you don't need this if' on the outer packaging to make shopping for skincare easy and to ensure that you purchase the right product for your skin. Working with the world's best chemists, we'll only launch a product when the formula works as hard as Caroline wants it to. 

After the debut launch of our Retinoid Series, we’re kick-starting 2023 with the launch of The Moisturiser – our active cult moisturiser in both fragranced and fragrance-free. 

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The Moisturiser:

Cushion your skin with this nourishing whipped formula combining skin-conditioning and hydration-boosting actives to give you instant moisture and help support long-term skin health. Suitable for all skin types, ​​this formula combines a unique blend of actives to bolster your skin to be the best it can be. Pro-vitamin D3 promotes the synthesis of vitamin D within the skin, helping to strengthen the skin barrier and over time contributing to the skin’s natural processes and promoting healthy skin. Ceramides and squalane help to condition and protect the skin, maximising water retention within the skin, while a unique and powerful blend of antioxidants derived from Australian super fruits helps to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin.

The Moisturiser’s whipped texture makes it nourishing enough for those with drier skin types but light enough for those with oilier skin, and is perfect for both your AM and PM routines – carrying true cult product status. Perfect for those who enjoy a more sensorial experience, this product contains our signature light, refreshing scent. It has also been clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, firmness and moisturisation whilst improving skin texture.* Providing immediate and long-term moisturisation, The Moisturiser is your instant skin conditioner in a jar. 

* Based on 49 participants using the product daily for four weeks. Independent Clinical Study 2022.

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The Moisturiser Fragrance Free:

In an industry-first approach to cater to those with sensitivity, we are launching with both a fragranced and fragrance-free version of our A-star moisturiser. Carrying the same base formula and benefits as The Moisturiser, The Moisturiser Fragrance Free serves those who have sensitivity to fragrance or prefer fragrance-free products. At Skin Rocks, accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of our values, which is why we wanted to ensure that when we launched an all-round moisturiser, it lived up to the name. The Moisturiser took 20 iterations to perfect, pushing the limit regarding active ingredients whilst perfecting texture, stability and suitability for all skin types.

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Packaging overview:

The packaging for The Moisturiser is fully and readily recyclable. Where possible, our packaging will always be readily recyclable, and where this is not possible, we will aim to provide a refillable option where suitable. As a formula-first brand, we will always ensure that our packaging never compromises our formulations. We will always tell you exactly how much product you need, so the lid of The Moisturiser features a handy measurement guide to show you how much cream to use.

Caroline Hirons says:

This is my go-to staple moisturiser for all year round and is suitable for all skins. Opt for fragrance-free if your skin is sensitised or if you do not like fragrance in your products. With ingredients such as pro-vitamin D3, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and squalane, this deeply hydrates whilst the whipped texture feels lightweight on the skin.

You need this if: You want a brilliant, all-round moisturiser for everyday use.  You don’t need this if: You prefer a gel texture.


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Words by Ceyda Faik-Yildirim MSci (Chemistry) - Team Skin Rocks



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