The Story Behind Sam Farmer

Back in 2011, when searching for a deodorant for my teenage children, I was astounded at the pink and pouty cans aimed at my daughter and the aggressive steel and grey products targeting my son. 

Having always brought them up as equals (I’ve been a stay-at-home dad for 15 years) ,I was shocked how some brands used sexual stereotyping to market to teenagers at the exact age they needed help and advice from our industry when dealing with issues like body odour, oily skin and greasy hair.

The products also smelt like an explosion in a sweet shop or a 1970’s locker room. 

Returning to the classroom, I passed a Diploma in Cosmetic Science with Distinction from the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. This allowed me to see how some brands were also marketing fear and ignorance surrounding ingredients in order to dupe consumers. 

In reaction to this, I created a line of Unisex Personal Care products for Teenagers (Adolescent skin).

The SAMFARMER range is designed to support and lend confidence to teenagers throughout their adolescence and into adulthood. My focus is to support, and encourage skin health incorporating clinically proven, specifically targeted actives in easy-to-use, efficacious and affordable products.

Teenagers look to the cosmetic industry, not only to provide them with products to help them deal with their physical changes, but also help them negotiate their way through a crucial period of self-development.

The SAMFARMER Moisturiser

This unique moisturiser has been carefully formulated to support adolescent skin without clogging pores.

It contains:

  • skin-compatible Squalane (synthesised from olives)
  • soothing Aloe
  • moisturising Shea Butter and Glycerin
  • protecting Vitamin E
  • Butyl Avocadate – a unique extract from avocados that has been shown to reduce excessive sebum production without drying the skin.

The light and mattifying formulation helps to not only rebalance the skin’s moisture levels after cleansing, but also to reduce excessive sebum production. It should be applied to dry skin immediately after washing the face and then throughout the day if required.

As with all my formulations, ingredient selection is based on scientific and historical evidence rather than marketing trends. I use some synthetic ingredients, especially the fragrance to minimise sensitivity, and Parabens (Short chain Paraben esters) as the broad spectrum preservative system.

I continue to be heavily involved in the professional Cosmetic Science community, championing scientific evidence and exploring the inherent complexities within the industry. This allows me to keep up-to-date on the latest ingredient clinical trials and advances in Cosmetic Chemistry, as well as the challenging areas surrounding sustainability and raw material sourcing. 

The words Personal Care have real meaning for me.  This is personal and I really do care.

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