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Like me, you may have been there, hoovering the last grains of glitter from dorm floors as the sun sets on freshers. Looking into the mirror at some ungodly hour and seeing three-day old hour, slightly crusty foundation from topping up your makeup rather than removing it and dark circles desparately hiding behind concealer.

If you happen to be running on minimum sleep, consuming more sodium than a professional eater and gaining upper body strength from the pure weight of looming essay deadlines, we understand skincare is a very low priority, and why should it be?

Whether you enjoy wearing makeup or like to step out nude our skin is our biggest protector and largest organ - we think this qualifies it a bit of respect and TLC. Think about a skincare regimen as an early preventative measure. Do you know how to get rid of sun damage? By not getting it in the first place.

1. Hydration - sorry to say but alcohol isn't a hydrator. Ideally, we need two litres of water a day. This will seriously improve the way your skin looks and those hangover headaches might actually be a little less brutal, two birds, one stone.

2. Expense - a basic but effective skincare routine can be bought on a budget, doing a little research goes a long way and many companies offer student discounts.

3. Arsenal - the military kind! A cleanser, toner, good moisturiser and SPF is a great place to start, leaving you with a clean base for makeup or a flawless, fresh-faced look.

4. Take off your makeup - please, please, please, whatever you do, take your makeup off before bed. If nothing else, think of your pores!

5. SPF - the UK may be known for it's colder climate and expected 170 days of rain but UVA rays are still at work, speeding up skin ageing. Think of it as armour.

Make it a habit now, and your older self (and skin) will thank you.

Just like your plans, your skin changes. Quite literally shedding thousands of cells daily, creating a daily routine doesn't have to be time consuming and really can be fitted into the most hectic of scheduled.

Your degree sets up your future, think of an early skincare regimen as the same thing.

No matter your age, the Skin Rocks Teen Box is a great place to start if you are looking for an updated skincare routine. The Teen Box is suitable for any skin type, but has been created to be gentle enough and hydrating for young skin that may already be irritated from breakouts or acne.

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