What is Azelaic Acid?

You’ve likely heard plenty about the radiance-boosting benefits of vitamin C but did you know that azelaic acid is another ingredient that can be effective at brightening the skin? Here, facetheory Education Manager Claire Balas tells us all we need to know about the ingredient and their best-selling azelaic acid serum as found in The Brightening Box. 

What is azelaic acid?

Azelaic acid is a dicarboxylic acid that occurs naturally in barley, rye and other grains. It works well when used alone but is also shown to work in synergy with other active ingredients such as kojic acid to further inhibit melanin synthesis (which can lead to hyperpigmentation) and salicylic acid for an increased antibacterial effect. 

What are its benefits? 

As a tyrosinase inhibitor enzyme, azelaic acid helps regulate melanin production (melanin is what gives the skin its colour). This makes it effective in reducing the appearance of pigmentation, including scarring, melasma, darks spots, resulting in a more even and illuminated complexion. The proven bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of azelaic acid also make it a safe choice for those with acne or rosacea. 

Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15: 

One of our best-selling products, the Lumizela serum uses 15% azelaic acid to reduce the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and redness that often comes with breakouts and acne. Boosted with colloidal oatmeal, chamomile and green tea to provide antioxidant benefits, the lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin - thanks to the addition of soothing aloe vera. 

Top Tips:

  • Use after cleansing and toning. Apply one pump of product, focusing on problem areas.

  • Azelaic acid works brilliantly alongside AHAs and BHAs. Please remember to introduce them gradually into your skincare regimen. 

  • Always follow up with a moisturiser. If your skin is oily and breakout-prone, you may wish to use an oil-free formula that will help to regulate sebum (oil).


Find Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15 in The Brightening Box.

As with all facetheory skincare products, it is cruelty-free and vegan.


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