Where To Spend Money On Your Teen Skincare Routine

Hormones, school stress, and nights out, can all wreak havoc on skin. The impacts may not show on younger skin but at Skin Rocks we say good habits start young.
Below is a rough guide for a skin routine and where we advise to spend your
1. Cleanse - £10 - 20
We always advise to cleanse skin and cleanse it well. That means morning and night - particularly if you are wearing SPF (which you are, daily, we trust you), and/or makeup.
You need to thoroughly cleanse your skin with a balm, gel or oil, so long as it is non-foaming, which can be drying on the skin.
Although an important step and the basis of your routine, you don’t need to spend a fortune here.
2. Acid Tone £10 - 20
Generally, young skin doesn’t need anything harsh at this step. If, however, you are prone to breakouts consider salicylic or glycolic acid-based products. Exfoliating acids can help remove dead skin and may help clear breakouts.
3. Treat £25 - 50
- Serums: As a teenager, you more than likely don’t need a serum, but you may want to use one, or have a skin condition that would benefit from it such as acne/dehydration. If you do want to use a serum, we recommend Vitamin C, which is a good antioxidant. Avoid anything too harsh.
- Eyecream: For teen skin, we recommend using your serum, rather than purchasing a separate eye-cream.
4. Moisturise £5 - 15
- Daily AM/PM moisturiser £XX: At a young age you do not need a separate night-cream, unless you insist on using a moisturiser with SPF (we always recommend SPF as a separate step), in which case you will need a separate moisturiser for night.
We recommend purchasing something you can use both morning and
- Facial oil £20 - 40: As with serums, sometimes the really affordable options just aren’t as good. We recommend spending a little extra here if you can.
5. Protect £15 - 30
We might scare you a bit here but you need to hear it. Most of the sun-damage you will experience happens in your early years. Now is the time to take action and protect your skin.
The best SPF is one that you will use, please use your SPF, daily. Even when indoors. We always recommend a higher factor SPF, particularly if you plan to spend the day outdoors (please remember to top up frequently in this case).
There are so many great options on the market that not only feel lovely on the skin but are suitable for all skin types and skin tones (we recommend Fenty for lovely options that are also great for darker skin), that you really have no excuse to skip this step.
The Teen Box contains a full routine for £49. The Teen Box is suitable for any skin type, but has been created to be gentle enough and hydrating for young skin that may already be irritated from breakouts or acne.

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