A Guide to NIOD

A Guide to NIOD

OK here's the thing - I have loved everything I have tried from Deciem. Grow Gorgeous, Hylamide, Hand Chemistry etc - all excellent. There is no doubt in my mind that Brandon, the founder, is at the forefront of science in products and he talks in a way that very few people I have met in the industry talk. Passionately, intelligently and with love and excitement. I have not had as much success with NIOD as I have with the rest of the range, but this is purely, 100% because of my own limitations and frankly, because the range confuses me. I like to know exactly how something works, when it works and how quickly it works.

NIOD has no interest in my problems, it just wants to get on with the job. It cares about the science, but I think that sometimes the science overshadows the 'PLEASE GOD JUST TELL ME HOW IT WORKS!!!' I know I'm not alone. As NIOD's success has grown, I am asked more and more often about their products, and I found myself unable to answer properly so I asked Brandon, a man who by his own admission will use 597 words when one will suffice, for 3 sentences on each product.

I asked politely, but I did say 'THREE SENTENCES BRANDON. THREE.' ;) Being the total gent that he is, he entertained my impertinence. 'Beauty science is on the verge of an explosive level of innovation and the next 5 years are going to be revolutionary.'

CAIS - Copper Amino Isolate Serum

1. If you're going to use 1 product from NIOD, use this one.

2. It focuses on skin health and not lines/wrinkles or specific signs of age.

3. It has a very high long-term value to the skin.

MMHC - Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex

1. If you're going to use 2 products from NIOD, MMHC should be the second one.

2. It shows visible results faster than CAIS.

3. It provides visible anti-aging value quickly and in the long-term but, unlike CAIS, its long-term value to skin health and quality is limited, if any. Basically MMHC is a much more advanced version of Hylamide HA Booster. (SCORE! CH)

HV - Hydration Vaccine

1. Use only if skin has lost hydration. I do not believe in hydration when it's not a necessity.

2. Seals in supplemented and naturally-present NMF instead of "hydrating" the surface.

3. Is a very pro-silicone product. Silicones are extremely misunderstood, extremely underrated and are extremely advanced today. The silicons in HV are very advanced and cost many times more than many active peptide technologies used in skincare. (I'M BEGINNING TO LOVE THIS MAN. CH)

FECC - Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate

1. Is not meant to targets signs of eye aging that are common to the rest of the face. For these signs, CAIS and MMHC should be used under the eyes as well.

2. FECC focuses largely on eye-area-specific aging including puffiness, darkness and fine dynamic lines. Deeper lines cannot be fixed topically except when they're static which MMHC will help with. Hollowness also cannot be fixed topically (except with temporary topical filling-type spheres which offer very minimal improvement for a very short time).

3. Is low in viscosity. NIOD is absolutely against eye creams. They do not absorb well and actually cause water retention/puffiness.

ELAN - Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid 30% Network

1. Is not part of the core NIOD regimen. It should be used at nighttime only.

2. Is for those who are educated and users of topical Vitamin C.

3. It's 30% Vitamin C in a stable antioxidant network that is more advanced and 5% more concentrated than Hylamide C25.

LVCE - Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

1. Dissolves impurities instantly without water.

2. It's ideally wiped and rinsed to allow for a single-step cleaning.

3. Leaves a comfortable ester cushion on the skin. This will not clog pores and will help everything applied to penetrate better. If left alone without other topical treatments on top, this cushion will disappear and actually balance (not trigger or reduce) natural sebum production.

NIOD overall:

1. All you really need is CAIS for skin health and quality. The other products are basically better forms of skincare but CAIS is care for the skin's health.

2. If you use everything, the order should be:


PM: LVCE, CAIS, MMHC, FECC, ELAN (If extremely dry skin, follow with HV) PHEW. Right. Now that I'm a lot clearer, I'm off to get it all on my face again.


Thank you so much Brandon! (I have asked for an update on Photography Fluid - will add to this post hopefully tomorrow - Brandon likes a good question - hit him up in the comments. ;) )

Further information on NIOD including all prices is available in detail here: niod.com/products

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