Where has this year gone? The year so far in pictures.

Where has this year gone? The year so far in pictures.

Honestly this year has gone so quickly that I don't know where to start. After the success of the events in Liberty last week and the equaled success of my real 'day job', it seems a natural progression that the blog includes more of my day-to-day activities alongside the usual rants reviews and industry natterings. As I work in the industry, I figured it should still be of interest one way or another...!

Major shoe envy on the tube.

Aerin Kabuki brush. Loveliness.

Liberty's new self select area.

Finally got to see Sinead do 'Jackie' 26 years after the fact..

Girls Night In courtesy of Gillette Venus. Everything in the picture was stolen by Ava before I took my coat off.

Interviewing Poppy King at QVC.

Birchbox. The first time I've used everything in a monthly sub box.

Mum and Nana circa 1950

John Bell & Croyden's reception area. Anyone would think they were the Queen's pharmacy. Oh.

Ava in her element. In M&S.
CEW Demo Evening. Manic as always.

Setting up.

Ava's perfume collection. Thieving wench.

Goodwood Forest. Gorgeous.

The best salmon starter at Goodwood.

Bob Bob Ricard. Sadly unused button.

This month's indulgent purchase.

Rehydration in seconds.

Oh Good Lord.

It's Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

La Bella Donna foundation - brilliant - and Lancome Hypnose. Standard.

My desk on a typical day. Flowers, lip gloss and too many pens. That's not even my main pencil case.

Ottolenghi's Friday madness.

Camelia Gardenia!!!!! - in HOMEBASE!

My gorgeous Mama.

Muji storage.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Can't stop looking at it!

Cleanser line-up. Reviews coming.

Standard day. Lushness.

Brilliant product.

Sprays face to death.

The big week at Liberty!!!

Setting up the workshops in Liberty.

A bag. Can't really see who it's by though?

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