Favourite Non-Beauty Websites and Blogs

I LOVE finding new websites and blogs - and I read a lot of sites that have nothing to do with beauty.

Below are a few of my long-term faves alongside some newer finds that I would recommend if you're at all interested in that kind of thing... and please do leave some recommendations of your personal favourites in the comments.

In no particular order they are...


Cannelle et Vanille

Aran, a mother of two living in the USA makes the simplest foods look like they were sent from the Gods. Exquisite photography and beautiful food.

Smitten Kitchen

More beautiful pictures of gorgeous food - this one is a bit more how-to.

Polly Noble

A new find - Polly is a two-time cancer survivor with a wealth of information on healthy living.

Burger Anarchy

The complete antithesis to the sites above. For hardcore meat lovers only - vegetarians enter at your peril.


A bit of an obsession of mine - photography sites keep me engrossed for hours.

Julie Skarratt

Julie is a wedding and society photographer based in the States. Beautiful images caught with Julie's eye for detail. Warning: once you look at the slide shows in the side bar you'll be there all day.

Carlton Adkins

Carlton is based in the North West and does portraits and weddings, having a particular gift for capturing children in the best possible way. He's also one of my oldest friends - we grew up together - no bias here though. Go see for yourself.


Ok for the most part I just don't 'do' fashion. Never have. Partly because none of the clothes fit me (5"11 with a long body/short leg ratio and a real sized bottom) and partly because most of the people I have met 'in fashion' are either up themselves, dull, on coke, or all three.

Now that I've blown any chance of that Banana Republic deal with that sweeping generalisation - on to 4 sites that are none of the above.

Boy Meets Fashion

Jaime and I met when we both spoke at the last TOWIB event and he is utterly charming. The politest person in the room, he gave a talk on photography and when you see his site you'll see why. A mixture of boys, girls and places - its eye-catching, never dull and certainly not up itself. :)

Tory Burch Blog

Tory has that Park Avenue Princess look down to a T - but her blog is a nice mixture of travel recommendations, style and entertaining.

Kate Spade Blog

I love Kate Spade. Our affair started with her stationary when I came across it years ago in NYC. Quirky and stylish, her blog - along with her Instagram - is always fun.

Garance Dore

I love Garance's site. A mixture of beautiful pictures, illustrations and observations - it's easy on the eye and inspiring.

What are your faves??

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