Skin Rocks' Founder, Caroline Hirons against a blue background

We make skincare make sense

Founded by Skincare Expert and Aesthetician Caroline Hirons, Skin Rocks is the destination for skincare knowledge that’s vast, guidance that’s clear and products that work.

Skin Rocks is the who, where, why, what and how of skincare. Our name says it all – skin does rock – it’s incredible. We are here (guided by Caroline Hirons) to help people help their skin look its best.

Skincare continues to be a hot topic, and many of you want help cutting through the noise and understanding what your skin really needs. That’s where Skin Rocks steps in, guiding people to make the best decision for their skin through our award-winning, clinically-proven skincare range and expert-driven app.

“For me, it has always been about skin.”

Multi-award-winning, Caroline’s success comes from qualified, honest and science-backed knowledge and her business growth comes from 35 years of passion and an audience that trusts her implicitly. It cannot be exaggerated how much Caroline knows about skincare: its ingredients, the suppliers, the customers, the packaging, the science. Quite simply, her knowledge, straightforward approach and business mindset are what earned her the position of the ‘Most Powerful Woman in Beauty’.

With big plans to revolutionise and demystify the world of skincare, and a true commitment to the industry she loves, Caroline has become the most trusted and influential person in her field.

Skin Rocks' Founder, Caroline Hirons holding Retinoid 1 and Retinoid 2 against a light grey, blue background

Truth is a responsibility.

We will never put a spin on something to make a sale. We will always give you proven, factual information. That’s what Skin Rocks is about. We’ll only recommend what’s right for your skin type. We’ll make sure we explain everything clearly. We’ll tell you when you don’t need something. And we’ll never promise that a product will do something that it doesn’t do.

Founded in education.

Caroline is a globally qualified beauty therapist, with 26 years experience in the industry. Every piece of content across Skin Rocks that gives advice is written by qualified experts and our internal team includes facialists, biochemists and chemists. Skin Rocks is not opinion, it is fact.

Think Science™.

‘There is no carrot in this yoghurt.’

This is our direct response to brands and organisations in the beauty industry that refer to ingredients as ‘dirty’, ‘clean’, ‘harmful’ or ‘toxic’. Everything is a chemical, and with the amount of testing that skincare has to go through, nothing that is sold will harm you. Skin Rocks is here to give you scientific information that is easy-to-digest.

The Skin Rocks product range is the culmination of Caroline's 26+ years in the industry, offering the best skincare products without constraints.

In order to provide the best formulas we can, we work with industry leading labs and cosmetic scientists to ensure that we use the best active ingredients available. We prioritise clinical testing to substantiate the product efficacy and claims of our active products, and use consumer testing further support the results.

For each product we identify key claims for performance and work with independent testing houses to determine the most appropriate protocols. We specifically request that all our panellist criteria are fully inclusive. They are open to all skin types and tones (based on the Fitzpatrick scale), unless specifically dictated by active ingredients (e.g. skin sensitivity) or methodology (e.g. it is unethical to include a high % of darker skin tones in a clinical patch test, because the level of irritation required to trigger a visible response is very high).

You can trust that our products will only launch when they work hard enough to carry the Skin Rocks name, and when they do, they will do what they say on the tin.