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First things first: round-ups similar to this will be in the newsletter first going forward, along with stand-alone competitions and first access to some brand offers etc so sign up for that if you haven't. Your name and email won't be given to anyone else, worry ye not. I will also be updating any follow-up information from Instagram stories so that they are all in one place. And to that end - and these will seem very random if you aren't on Instagram but bear with..

PPI Claim

Random I know, but I mentioned on Instagram last week that we had filled in the Which Magazine's free service to claim PPI, resulting in a good payout for both the Mr and I, with zero fees. I have since had messages from readers who followed the link and had similar success so here it is again in case you're not on Insta: Which/PPI From what I've experienced, you make the claim online which literally takes two minutes, and it's worth applying in multiples, i.e. NatWest Bank/Credit Card/Loan/Mortgage - ANY that you think you may have had. My personal payout came from a card I didn't even remember having from 1993-1999. Try it, it's easy. And depending on your eventual payout I'll have a brew as my fee. ;)

Give and Makeup

Has reopened in London. All details are on the dedicated page here: Give and Makeup


I wear a lot of trainers. Pretty much daily. I have a bad back and I wear heels only if I have to, and will therefore actively avoid situations where I 'have' to. I mean I wore heels when I got married, but if we ever renewed our vows, I'd probably do it in adidas. To that end I sometimes show my trainers on Instagram and this week I had more queries than ever for a link to these: The link for them is here: ASOS/adidas Bear in mind I wear men's trainers in a UK 10 (US 11/12), but they have similar in the women's here: ASOS/adidaswomen

Hotpoint Update

If you are on Insta you will know our tumble dryer died and went worryingly close to flames a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I was in the kitchen and was able to switch it off at the wall and yank out the plug as soon as I heard the bang and saw smoke. Our dryer was one of the ones subject to the modification recall, and it was fixed as part of that recall. The fire brigade came out and logged it (I didn't call 999 by the way, it's fairly standard with white appliances and fires/smoke once you go through the process of reporting it to manufacturers/insurance), Hotpoint came and looked at it and decided the engine had died, causing the overheating from the drum trying to turn. This is all very exciting for you I know, but I'm still being asked for the following links, as it turns out a number of you had the offending dryers and were unaware of the recall. Hotpoint recall info: hotpoint/recall London Fire Brigade advice: LFB/totalrecalls Teresa Tarmey's Launch Teresa has asked me to let you know the following:

  • She is in the process of adding all the ingredients from the products to her website, and beefing up the information in general.
  • They cannot ship to the USA yet because of pending FDA approval - her kit is serious stuff and can't just be shipped over. Sorry! I'll be sure to update this site and the video on YouTube as soon as there is news. TeresaTarmey.com

Giveaway Winners Vintner's Daughter:

Ari Platell - Canada

January Labs:

Jenni Niles - Canada

Viktor & Rolf:

Sakia Ari Emma Crunkham Bella Penhall Ashley Armitage Louise Crowle


Michelle Malone - UK

Reading in Heels:

Lisa King - USA

Glossier Solution Launch

I've been tagged in this all week and I'll put the review up asap, but I didn't get on with it. I ordered it the day it went on sale, and then the PR also sent me one. Honestly, I think I speak for all of us in the 'online review arena' when I say it's a little despairing when a brand such as Glossier brings out something that you don't genuinely feel you can rave about, such is the hype and fervour around the launch. If you genuinely love it, you're accused of just jumping on the bandwagon, and if you don't get on with it, you're accused of being 'disloyal to a female business owner' (I'm not joking, that is an exact quote from an annoyed reader the last time I was anything but gushing about a Glossier product) or 'just being negative for the sake of it'.

Well, dear reader, I will do my usual review, be as honest as possible and leave you to the rest. But know this, I am never negative for the sake of it, and I don't blow smoke up people's arse. I like to think I sit in the middle, like your mate that isn't afraid to tell you when you have something in your teeth, but would never say anything about your crazyily-dyed hair because I know you love it. And that's what matters.

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