What to Buy? Zelens

What to Buy? Zelens

Zelens is one of the most-requested brands for the 'What to Buy?' series. Founded by Dr. Marko Lens, it combines cutting-edge science with the most beautiful plant ingredients, which, when combined, give outstanding products that really perform. It is worth noting that Dr Lens performs and publishes clinical trials on every product. This is no mamby-pamby 'buy it off a chemist and stick a label on it' Dr range.

The Can't Live Without:


This will come as no surprise to regular readers. I have written about Z Luminous Brightening Serum on numerous occasions, and safe to say, if you have pigmentation issues, this might be what you need. The main review is here again for you. Love it. End of.


Z Luminous Brightening Serum is £135.00 for 30ml.



The Acid:



Obviously there has to be an acid. Dr Lens hates glycolic, so these PHA Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads are perfect for those of you that feel the same, or are simply intolerant to it. Polyhydroxy acids combined with alpha and beta hydroxy acids make these pads a moisture magnet as well as an exfoliator that resurfaces and provides antioxidant protection. A must-have. Well, another one.....


Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads are £65.00 for 50 pads.



The New Kids in Town:


The High Potency Treatment Drops may be new, but they are already on the must-have list. And back-ups. I genuinely cannot pick between the three so thought I'd give you a very brief synopsis on each:



Power A

This contains time-released encapsulated retinol and two retinoids to refine, smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of the visible signs of ageing and help clear blemishes and skin imperfections. Super powerful, but super gentle, this causes me no irritation at all, but do bear in mind that I have been using retinols for a long time. (You should be fine.) No synthetic colours, fragrances or carrier oils. Perfect for ageing, acne, dullness, essentially everything you want from one product.


Power C

This powerhouse is 20% vitamin C in an extremely stable formulation, meaning you get the amazing benefits of vitamin C without having to worry about it going rancid, or just not working on the skin, as so often happens. It promotes skin firmness and elasticity, brightens the complexion and provides insanely strong antioxidant protection against free radicals. I use this during the day under moisturiser.


Best for? All skins, especially dull. And a must-have if you live in an urban area.


Power D

The one you didn't know you needed because it hadn't been invented. I use this as a bandage. Literally. I use this one the morning after my retin-a cream, I use it if I'm not getting enough sun (ALLTHELIVELONGDAY), and I use it to 'fatten up' my wrinkles the way a step machine fattens up your bum.

Immense for strong, elasticised, protected, gorgeous skin. It replenishes lipids and fortifies skin barrier function, helping build the skin’s resilience against environmental aggressors and stressed conditions, including acne and things like perioral dermatitis. (This is not in the official literature, it's my experience - just an fyi.)

The Treatment Drops are priced between £110.00 and £125.00 for 30ml. *Once you start you will want them all. Please note: These are slow burn products. It's not an instant fix. I've been testing mine for three months, just to be clear.

The No-brainer: Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream is synonymous with best seller lists worldwide and for good reason. This instantly soothes, smoothes and firms the eye area. Great for puffiness due to its light texture, this is loaded with 4 peptides, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, natural sugars and marine collagen. Bliss in a pot. You don't need to, but in the summer mine lives in the fridge. It doesn't affect the performance, it just feels lush.

Triple Action Eye Cream is £75.00 for 15ml. As this is supposed to be cherry-picking, I made myself choose one moisturiser, and while it could so easily have been 3T or Z Matrix, or the SPF, in the end I went for the first one I thought of, which was Stem Complex.


Technically, Stem Complex is an overnight treatment, not just a 'moisturiser', but if I had to pick, and could only take one moisturising-type product away with me, it would be this. To call this just 'anti-ageing' would be an insult. It is loaded with active ingredients, so many are there, that I am linking directly to the page here, so that you can read for yourself: zelens.com/stem complex

This, on top of the Power A Drops, is the stuff of dreams. Make sure you're cleansed, exfoliated, acid'ed (so not a word I know) and then go in with the drops, followed by this. Gorgeous.


Stem Complex is £185.00 for 50ml.

*Not a sponsored post. I have no business relationship with Zelens and haven't had for over two years so chill your tits. Some links may be affiliates.

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