Creme de La Mer - The Treatment Lotion

Creme de La Mer - The Treatment Lotion

Here's the thing - regular readers will be aware of original and thus far, only post on CDLM (recap).

The original cream, whilst very good for my eldest son's eczema when he was a baby (the benefits of free sample pots when you work the counter next to them at launch), is in such a thick mineral oil base that it was never going to be something I would personally use, no matter the hype.

So late last year when Creme de La Mer's PR department contacted me I was cautious to say the least, but I do like a: a challenge and b: when a PR contacts me and says 'Erm NO Lady, you WILL try this and I guarantee you are missing out on something.' She also likes metal music so you know.. #winning.

As a consequence, if you follow my Instagram (and may I just say, if you're not on Instagram, WHY NOT? It's by far my favourite app/social media activity) you will have seen some CDLM products popping up ever since.

This is the one I have liked the most for my face so far *hints at further reviews*.

What is it?

I quote:

'a miraculous source of vitality, the essential step toward transforming the look of skin. Like "liquid energy," this rich and silky hydrator awakens the complexion and drives moisture into the skin to improve visible texture and even the appearance of skintone.'

Or in the Hirons world: a Stage 2 toner/pre-serum or moisturiser.

What's in it?

Well obviously in my excitement I threw away the box and thus had no ingredients to show you. And you'd have more chance of finding Elvis alive and well at the Co-op than finding CDLM ingredients listed anywhere online (see rant from the weekend), so, dear reader, desperate times call for desperate measures. Here's a photo taken on the sly at an undisclosed location:

You'll just have to make do, I could hardly set up lights and a tripod. Nor light a candle.

What isn't in it?

Parabens (again, if you care about these things)

Who is it for?

The CDLM website needs some work. I've talked about Lauder websites numerous times in the past. It's as if corporate see that most of their revenue still comes from bricks, not clicks, so they don't need to offer anything other than the briefest of info. If they made their numerous online worlds more enticing they would rake it in. It's 2015. Beef it up a tad chaps. I digress.

This product page is extremely brief with instructions, directions - pretty much just a general description and a video that is best watched with a glass of wine. *eyebrow*

Personally, I would say it is for an older or reddened skin or an acnaic skin, or a skin that is devitalised, for example smokers/swimmers/sun worshippers - anyone whose skin is compromised and struggles to retain moisture, for whatever reason.

What's good/bad about it?

I'm combining these two categories for this review because it's not that simple, so let's just have a conversation..

A big thing throughout the La Mer range is declustered water - which put simply is water that has been processed into single molecules that are allegedly better absorbed by the skin.

Varying types of funky water have been around in the industry for a while, Chantecaille for example, use positively charged water (skin being negatively charged hence opposites attract comes into play - stay with me) throughout their foundations, one of the reasons, they say, they are so good to apply and wear. They are definitely that - so I personally have never had a major problem with water 'claims', although I doubt it's easy to prove scientifically. This definitely not only absorbs beautifully, but makes whatever you use on top do exactly the same thing.

What this does contain that my skin has always been extremely happy with are all the 'sea' ingredients namely: algae, laminara, sea salt and plankton and minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc and tourmaline. I personally like skincare that contains a lot of ingredients that I supplement with - and the sea ingredients are proven - and tried and tested by your truly - to be beyond amazing for skin. Sea salt in particular - if you suffer eczema/psoriasis I highly recommend a trip to the Dead Sea. So far all good.

You may notice eucalyptus seven rows down and fragrance second row from the bottom. Despite me talking about essential oils and eucalyptus/stronger oils being used unnecessarily in products, my skin is perfectly fine with this particular formulation. I suspect it's because it's a liquid, therefore more diluted... the odd thing is that this has no particular smell at all - it's slightly sea-ish (so a word!), but not hardcore salty sea water bath - if you know what I mean. This actually helped the redness from my reaction to subside, proving once again that everything needs to be tested on the skin wherever possible, as one ingredient does not a product make/ruin.

How do you use it?

Erm, Not in the way they show in the video *eyebrow*. I do one of two things depending on my skin, how much time I have and what I'm using it as. If I intend to use it as a toner, I apply it with a cotton pad after my acids. Do NOT saturate the pad and do NOT use cotton balls (ever) - they absorb everything and waste your well-spent money. This stuff is not cheap. If I'm using this as my serum/treatment lotion I put 3/4 drops into my palm, do the therapist's swipe (yes, video coming) and stick it straight to my face. Think when a comedian 'pies' someone. That's what you do with this. Place it. Get it on there. There is no room for manoeuvre. Apply your moisturiser or oil on top. Or better yet, moisturiser, then oil, then go to bed.

So after all that, do you need it? I would say if you have the type of skin I described, absolutely check it out, your skin will notice the benefits the most.

If you are young and on a budget, no. Don't splurge on this stage, splurge on serums.

Creme de La Mer The Treatment Lotion is £85.00 and available from all stockists including online:

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