Epidermal Growth Factors - EGF - Updated September 2014

EGF - short for Epidermal Growth Factor, is part of the family known as growth factors. They are used for stimulating growth and healing of damaged or dead skin. Which makes it - on paper - the perfect ingredient for an anti-ageing product.

It has the ability to stimulate cells (read: collagen) and increase the thickness of the epidermis - so perfect for ageing skin yes?

Well, no. The problem is that among its contra-indications are, among others, people suffering from psoriasis - psoriasis is caused by the body sending out a faulty signal to overproduce new skin cells - so the last thing you want to do is stimulate it. That, however, is not life-threatening.

More worryingly - is the suggestion that it should not be used on anyone with 'pre-cancerous cells or cancerous lesions'. The obvious fear being that growth factors are mitogenic - meaning while they do not cause cancerous cells, they absolutely will cause cancerous cells to multiply. That's their job. To stimulate cells. Scientifically proven to do so.

It's not clever enough to distinguish between fibroblasts and cancer.

Therein lies the problem. How do you know if that mole on your face/back/leg is pre-cancerous?

In the case of my Mum we didn't know her mole was cancer until she almost lost her leg.

Bio Effect - who are based solely on EGF - have no warnings on their external packaging relating to contraindications In fact it says 'Suitable for all skin types'. *

Revive - the brand whose entire identity was based around EGF - have recently - and very quietly dropped all mention of EGF and now contain 'Renewal Epidermal Science' - I have no idea what that means - I've asked them for clarification. And until they are crystal clear on their website about what RES is?


I can tell you this.

No growth/renewal factor is going anywhere near my Mum's - or my skin.

I have asked Revive and Bio Effect if they would like to comment. *see BioEffect update below*
I'm all for being fair. I'll keep you posted.


More info:


Barefaced Truth.com

Skin Actives.com



*BioEffect do not source their EGF from human cells. It is copied from human dna and grown in barley therefore making it unrecognisable to cancerous cells. More info here: bioeffect.co.uk/the-science

Still no word from Revive.



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