Most requested reviews - and why I haven't thus far..

There are a few products/brands that I am asked about regularly - whether it's for my opinion on Twitter or just to review.

Here's the thing: I try, in general, to keep this blog about things I love - or really like - if I wouldn't use it - I don't tend to blog it. I love this industry. I love my work. I have no interest in being the Liz Jones of the beauty blogging world.

However, I am asked so often about these items below that it seemed to be worth rounding them up and explaining my thoughts on them.

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom is a Goddess in the skincare world. She is. You may not have been around pre-Eve - but I was.

It was a dull minefield of tissueing off milk cleanser and soap. *shudders*

Eve came along, independently from any corporate input and said: 'You know what? Use this balm, wash your face properly, take it off with this cloth - use a cloth to wash your face, stop being lazy.' She got people washing their faces properly.

She was the pioneer of muslin cloth cleansing. Years before Liz Earle who has openly said she copied Eve for Cleanse & Polish.

She is opinionated, decisive, slightly eccentric in the best possible way and stands her ground. I absolutely love her for that.

The only reason I do not use or recommend Eve Lom Cleanser is because it is mineral oil based. And it breaks me out. That's it.

There was a time in the late 90's when Eve Lom was the only thing to use. Other brands saw this and came along and made their own version. In my opinion they bettered it. I'm not the majority. Eve Lom Cleanser has been the best selling item in SpaceNK for well over 10 years - probably nearer 15. I have some of the newer Eve Lom products in my 'to try' queue and I'm sure most of them will make it to the blog as an approval. Just not, sadly, the original bestseller.

If you use Eve Lom and love it - and it works for you, perfect. Don't stop. It just doesn't work for me.

Which leads me nicely on to...

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Possibly my most requested review ever. I reviewed it briefly nearly 2 years ago - but it was in passing - and part of a larger post. So maybe it's an age thing. Either they have changed the formulation or my 40+ skin is suddenly rejecting it - whichever...

In the spirit of full disclosure, I used to work for Liz Earle. It was without doubt the single most miserable experience of my working career. Although ironically the most rewarding CV-wise.

To be clear - that was absolutely nothing to do with the Liz Earle or Kim Buckland - both of whom are utterly inspiring and brilliant at what they do. It was more to do with the unexpected corporate environment, mixed messages from line managers and feeling 'hemmed in'. That and travelling to the Isle of Wight (or as I came to call it - Alcatraz) 3 or 4 times a week. *I digress*

I was the first person to put the products into a routine and trial a facial on both Liz and Kim. I left before the facials were launched.

I love the Deep Cleansing Mask, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Intensive Nourishing Treatment.

The reason I don't recommend C&P is because when I use it, my skin goes redder than a postbox (an English RED postbox) and burns. I personally think its a mixture of the rosemary and eucalyptus - it's too much for me. And judging by the comments left on this blog over the last few months - a lot of you do too.

Liz Earle say - word for word - on their website: 'We only make one cleanser because this formulation works on every age and skin type, offering concentrated yet gentle cleansing power.' Erm. No. It doesn't.

As approximately 70 billion (or thereabouts) are sold every minute - I'm sure I am in the minority. But I am not going to recommend something that makes me reach for aloe vera to soothe burns afterwards.

I'm sure Liz Earle can handle it.


I can't remember a phenomenon bigger than Clarisonic in recent history. You can't move for celebrity endorsements, different colours being released, different versions being released - in short - a massive cashing in on a very big cash cow.

I've had two Clarisonics. I gave one to a mate and used the other one as a giveaway. I was questioned by a savvy reader as to why I was giving something away that I didn't endorse - very fair point. I explained that it wasn't so much the actual Clarisonic, but the way it had become the be all and end all - kind of like a Chanel handbag of the beauty world and the way it still seems to be used without much guidance. If used properly, on the right skin, I'm sure it's fine.

The reason I don't recommend Clarisonic is because it gave me the worst acne breakout of my life. It took me months to get my skin back to normal.

If you use a Clarisonic and love it, then I am seriously happy for you. Don't stop. Just don't overdo it .


Astalift launched amidst much fanfare earlier this year and I am constantly asked my opinion on it. To be fair, I know it has received positive reviews from people such as Pixiwoos and Lisa Eldridge and there are few people whose opinion I respect more.

The reason I haven't recommended Astalift is because it did nothing for me. I tried. Genuinely I did. I used it exclusively until it ran out. It made no visible difference to my skin. And the texture made me stabby. It is literally like jelly - if you throw away the spoon that comes with it you are screwed.

If you are using Astalift and enjoying it - and it is the best thing you've ever had on your skin - please don't stop on my account. I am very happy for you.

I genuinely think my skin is just too much like hard work for it. Maybe it's my age. Sorry.

I trust that clears that up.

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