MUA Focus - Jamie Coombes, Dior Pro Artist - International and National MUA - UK & Ireland

MUA Focus - Jamie Coombes, Dior Pro Artist - International and National MUA - UK & Ireland

The very handsome and talented Mr Coombes is the man to know if Dior is your thing - which I know for a lot of you - it is!

He is bracing himself for a huge Pro Team event coming up in Selfridges - form an orderly queue Ladies (and gents...) - no pushing at the back!

How long have you been a MUA working in the industry?

16 years .

When did you get your ‘big break’?

4 years ago when I was invited to be part of the Dior International Pro Artist team – there are only 10 of us from across all the international markets. We get the call to represent Dior internationally at events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week as well as contributing to product development and supporting events all over the world. There is a lot of travel which I love.

What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry?

Start at art college and do a foundation art course – will give you a great basis for understanding the principles of texture, colour, light and shade and even human faces and bone structure as there is a lot of life drawing classes.

Who has been your best client so far?

They are all fantastic – I really enjoyed working with Michelle Rodriquez from Avatar at Cannes recently – she was very cool and down to earth. Working with Stella for the V & A Golden Age of Couture party where she walked the red carpet with John Galliano head to toe in Dior was pretty memorable too.

And your favourite job so far?

I really enjoy working on the Dior advertorials for fashion titles like Harpers Bazaar and Tatler. Being in a fashion environment with like minded people who are all aiming towards creating the best image is a fantastic buzz. I worked with Mary McCartney and enjoyed watching how she worked to bring everything to life. The international shoots are a lot of fun too –I worked with titles such as Elle Taiwan when I visit the other markets – they really encourage you to go as far as you can creatively.

What are you currently working on/who with?

I'm preparing for a big Pro Team Event at Selfridges to launch Diorshow 360 Mascara. Will be fun, my colleagues from Germany, Spain and the UAE will be here with me in London. I have trips to Madrid, China and Russia coming up and the Marrakech Film Festival.

How many brushes do you own?

76 brushes (a MUA record - BM) but I have about 5 that I couldn’t work or live without (foundation brush, eyeliner, blusher and 2 eyeshadow brushes). They are from the Dior Pro collection.

And which one is your all-time favourite?

Foundation brush - I use for blending on top of foundation and on top of powder.

What do you consider your speciality?

Speed, I can work very quickly . I love working with monochromatic palettes and creating different textures and finishes with only a few variations of shades and I love showing people how to really apply mascara for best effect – I tend to use a few different types and wardrobe them on top of each other.

What is your favourite brand, and why?

Dior of course because of the heritage, and the constant quest for perfecton. There is always something innovative and new brought to the table from Creative Director, Tyen and John Galliano. Everything that’s created is done with a perfectionist’s eye.

Your kit is on fire – and you can only save 5 things. What are they?

  • Capture Totale foundation because you only need a tiny amount and perfects skin really well
  • Lip Glow – its a balm that will work with the pigment of your own lips, so lips look coloured and protected
  • Eyelash Curlers from Muji – I like to replace them regularly
  • Papaw Australian ointment - no strong smell and prefer to 8 Hour Cream
  • Diorshow 360 Mascara – clients are going to be blown away by how easy it is to create a professional looking eye using this

And if I can have one more! - Dior Eyebrow Styler which isn’t available in Europe, only Asia and States –its a great universal shade so I stock up every time I travel.

Jamie Coombes, Dior International Pro Team Artist will be taking up residence at Selfridges, Oxford Street between 21 – 24 July with his fellow Pro Team artists from Spain, Germany, and the UAE. Book an appointment and brush up on some international beauty secrets (and your languages!). Call Dior at Selfridges to book your place 0207 318 3696.

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