New Year, New Plans

2012 was an amazing year for me. For the first time in my life I made a list of things I was determined to achieve by the end of the year. It had 5 major things on it. I completed 4 of them before the Autumn and number 5 is in progress as we speak.

I finally get the old saying 'Fail to plan, plan to fail.'

So I'm doing it again this year. I'm not making resolutions, I'm making plans.

I'm not exactly superstitious - but I am (surprisingly I know) intensely private. When I passed my driving test last May only my Husband and Mum knew what I was up to. I didn't even tell my kids. Nearly everyone I know said 'Bloody hell you kept THAT quiet.' I do. I keep the big things under my belt. This year's list has another 5 big things on it. I'll report back in a year.

What I don't mind talking about are the plans for healthier living.

I'm pretty huge on the anti-inflammatory diet these days - I have a predisposition towards inflammatory diseases on my Mother's side and with every passing year I'm more aware of the importance of taking care of myself. Not just for me, but for my family. If I don't function at my best, my family don't function at their best. That's the reality.

I've already made quite a few changes progressively in the past few years:

When I do drink, I only drink red wine - and have done for years. I wouldn't dream of drinking beer (bloat city and sugar = inflammation and fat) and spirits are over-rated.

No fizzy drinks. I may, once a month (you know!) have a can of fat coke - and enjoy it. But that's it.

No chocolate. This one is easy - I'm not a big lover anyway so don't miss it. Ditto biscuits. Meh.

So the changes I'm implementing/adding this year to my current lifestyle are: *deep breath*

No alcohol. I did this last year from Jan-Apr and didn't miss it. It's surprisingly easy. I drank at the end of April for my son's 18th birthday - he's 19 this year - I figure it's not a 'big one' so I'll be fine to carry on! I'm not sure how hard and fast I'll be - maybe until my holiday in July, maybe until the Summer gig season in June (Bon Jovi AND Bruce touring?!) maybe I won't fancy it at all - who knows? But drinking as par for the course during the week/weekends? No.

Ditto Champagne at events. Goes down easy, hits the head and stomach hard. No.

Also - a nice trick your body plays on you the older you get - that second glass of wine? Up. All. Night. I'm not kidding. I need my sleep.

Even less sugar. I'm already doing quite well but I'm going to be even more vigilant about it. Sugar = inflammation.

To continue drinking shedloads of water. I already do this. Consciously. I'm going to continue to do so.

Eat even less white foods. I'm doing ok cutting out pasta and now only have whole grain rice - but bread - I am still partial to hot buttered toast on occasion. Working on it.

The big one for me? Crisps. Wave a Ready Salted Kettle Chip in my direction and I'm up quicker than Westlife in a key change (2.19 into it) . They are my crack and have to go completely. I can't just have one. Impossible. Complete and utter salt addict and they are the one thing I can mindlessly pick at while watching tv/blogging/chatting. My name is Caroline and I am a crisp addict.

No. They have to go.

Supplements. The big ones. I'm always asked what I take so:

Fish oil - I already take a minimum of 3000mg a day. I try and take anything up to 10,000mg a day. Working on maximising it as often as possible.

Zinc - I take 15mg a day.

Vitamin D - I am a sun girl and undoubtedly suffer when it disappears - like now. I take 2000 iu units a day.

Others to be thrown in when I feel I need them:

Floradix - I'm anaemic, so when I have a noticeable slump, I step it up.

Magnesium - in the evenings to help me relax and sleep.

B12 spray - I use this a LOT. I've escaped any winter cold thus far - coincidence? Maybe. I'm not taking any chances.

(Make sure you've done your research for what suits and won't suit you if you want to start taking supplements)

And there you have it. (Some) of my New Year's Day rambling/plan/list.

Wherever you are celebrating New Year's Day I wish you the best of health and hope your plans come to fruition in 2013.

Oh! I forgot one last one.

Wear sparkly, nicer shoes. I am a comfortable size 9 (11 US) and I live in trainers. Sod it. Bring on the nice shoes (sometimes).

Ok. That's it.

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