The Month in Skincare - February

The Month in Skincare - February


Although I don't mind winter getting a move on - I NEED some warmth!

This was a varied month for me skincare-wise. I tried a lot of different products, some of it budget, some of it embargoed, some of it new to me - and I revisited some old friends...

A few of my favourites are below with a one-liner about each picture. Please do feel free to leave any Q's in the comments! I'm having a catch-up tomorrow! :)


Deep Tissue Repair by Kate Somerville - I'll probably be buried with this.

Dennis Gross Pads - brilliant

Oh God the Starfish! :(

One of Tata Harper's many brilliant cleansers.

Luna - lived up to all the hype.

Some days you need to pull out the old faithful products. Step forward Emma and Estee.

This was my travel pack - and the day my phone camera decided that focusing was an optional extra. .. GGRRRR

Some people decant and travel light. I am not one of those people.

The Sleeping Mask is supremely hydrating and amazing over Deep Tissue Repair.

OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm - lush every single time...

This Works 'no wrinkles wonder essence' is a take on the Far East 'essence/lotion' stage at half the price of most of its competition.

Cowshed Toners are worth investigating. Very good and not at all £££.

I'm saving that Tata serum for a bigger review. And that's my favourite of her cleansers...amazing on combo skin or for a morning pick-me-up cleanse on any skin.

The embargoed products on the right and Pixi's utterly brilliant eye makeup remover on the left...

Tatcha's Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is divine on tired skin that needs a lift...

Ultrabland. When something is the exact opposite of its name.... Love it.

Physiological Cleansing Gel didn't make me want to scratch my face off - a first for a product of that type...

We discovered that Champney's are bringing back that brilliant cleansing balm...

One of my favourite routines of the month. Great affordable cleanser, brilliant exfoliating toner and hydration through the roof from Vichy.

Una Brennan's Super Facialist Night Creams are a bargain for the price and quality.

My backstage kit for London Fashion Week. Those 4 products can work miracles in 2 minutes. Literally.

Organic Surge prove that organic doesn't have to mean 'extortionate'.

Vita Liberata's Peptide Mist - what feels like a gallon of water for your skin in one pump. In a good way....

All of the above could come to a Desert Island with me and I would be quite happy. And my beloved and discontinued Clarins Extra Comfort.

How to do a shower in the morning with 2 products and a cup of tea. *done*

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