Make-Up Artist on Monday - Michelle George

Make-Up Artist on Monday - Michelle George

I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best MUA's in the industry - and the majority of them are relatively unknown. These are the people that are out there everyday - earning a living doing what they love - and they are fonts of wisdom in all things regarding make-up. If you have any questions you would like added for next week please do let me know!

First up is Michelle George - a jobbing MUA who has worked across all aspects of the industry.

Michelle and her favourite little man

How long have you been working in the industry?

12 years periodically. I've worked as a journalist and teacher in between.

When did you get your ‘big break’?

I studied art at college and did a painting for my friend's wedding. His wife was a top make up artist in New York called Alexandra Byrne (more here), she liked my painting so asked me to assist her as a make-up artist. From there I have made numerous contacts within the TV and fashion industry.

What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry?

Get a job working on a make-up counter to help build your kit through allocation. As building your kit can be very expensive and you will not get much paid work as a freelancer to start with. Always have a business card to hand. Making contacts happens in the strangest places. I have been minding my own business in the ladies, and had the owner of a modeling agency start talking to me....

Who has been your best client so far?

Ray Liotta - it's safest just to call him 'entertaining'!

And your favourite job so far?

Hermes Spring/Summer show: Paris

How many brushes do you own?

Maybe 50?

What is your favourite brand and why?

I have sooo many... M.A.C are good for brushes, as they are reasonably priced. But I don't like their foundation. I do love Chantecaille foundation though it is very expensive. I like Cover FX foundation too and it is more reasonably priced and L'Oreal's Colour Match is pretty impressive for a low end brand. Nars is fantastic for pigment!!!

Your top tip?

Go easy on the foundation and cover necessary parts with a concealer. NEVER go darker with your foundation; always add colour with blush or bronzer!

What is your speciality?

I'm told it's eyes - and blending. (I can confirm Michelle does a KILLER smokey eye) I also have a good intuition of what looks good on the individual - I do a lot of 'real women' who say that previous MUA's have always gone OTT on them for wedding trials etc..

Your kit is on fire – and you can only save 5 things. What are they?

Plumful M.A.C lipstick - doubles up great as a blush and lip colour and suits most skin tones Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC5 - the two shades can be blended to match most skin tones YSL Mascara Cover FX Translucent Powder - a must for all T.V/film/editorial work Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream -multi-purpose...

What are you working on at the moment?

I am now running exclusive make-up parties across London in which I educate women on how to look a million dollars without spending as much!

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