Mixing up your Cult Beauty Box

Mixing up your Cult Beauty Box

I've had quite a few comments/questions from people that purchased the current Cult Beauty Box about how to best mix/match the contents so please forgive a quick post addressed primarily to them.

(Regular service and LOADS of exciting announcements coming. :) EEK)

AM Cleanse:

You can use either Pixi, Tata or MV Organics as your morning cleanse - all skin types, no issues.

If you want to you can exfoliate with OSKIA as well. I would cleanse first then exfoliate, then acid. (Not with these DG pads - your normal 'acid' toners.)

Then you spritz with May.

For sensitive/reddened/annoyed skins you will get the most benefit from using MV Organics for the AM cleanse until it subsides a little. Once you notice a difference you can add in Tata if you want to.

PM Cleansing:

This is where you can really go to town and mix it up.

Please note: these are suggestions - if you are using the products in a different way and it's working for you, that's brilliant. As always, do what works for you.

Dry skins:

  • 1st Cleanse - Sonya Dakar on eyes if wearing heavy makeup, then Pixi or Tata
  • 2nd Cleanse - Tata or MV Organics
  • Exfoliate if you want to with OSKIA
  • Pads - twice a week - alternate with your normal acids
  • Spritz with May

Dehydrated skins:

For three days:

  • Use Sonya on eyes if applicable, then double cleanse with Tata
  • Pads - twice a week - otherwise alternate with your normal acids
  • Spritz liberally - Jasmine Garden is massively hydrating and wonderful under your serums and moisturisers

On day four:

  • Sonya if needed, then either Pixi or Tata for makeup/SPF removal
  • Exfoliate with OSKIA
  • Follow with one of the Dennis Gross pads
  • Spritz with May
  • Serum etc....

Continue using any of the products after day four.

Sensitive/Rosacea skins:

  • 1st Cleanse - Sonya/Tata
  • 2nd Cleanse - MV Organics
  • Dennis Gross Pads twice a week are fine on sensitive skins. The products aren't heavily acidic, they're anti-ageing.
  • Spritz liberally with Jasmine Garden - and keep it close by throughout the day

Once skin feels calmer, introduce Pixi as a 1st Cleanse on a rotating basis with the others.

Oily/Combination Skins:

All of the cleansers can be used in the ways above on oily/combination skins. The only exception is Pixi, if you have open, active acne, it will possibly be aggravated trying to remove with the cloths. You'll knock heads off and cause bleeding if you're too rough, same as with any oilier balm.
If you have spots that haven't come to a head or are past their 'angry' stage, you're good to go.

I hope that helps, but feel free to leave any comments below and I'll try and get back to you in a speedy fashion.

And as an aside, and in answer to your questions, yes Cult Beauty have their Goodie Bag promotion on at the moment and yes the Box is included in the promotion. The Goodie Bag is added automatically into your basket at checkout.

The Cult Beauty Box is available here: www.cultbeauty.co.uk/caroline-hirons

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