MUA of the week - Chiara Guizzetti

MUA of the week - Chiara Guizzetti

This week's MUA is Queen of the Catwalk Chiara Guizzetti. You know that dream where your backstage at Chanel tending to all the top models faces while Karl Lagerfeld holds court next to you?

Chiara does it in real life - and worse - makes a living out of it..

How rude.

How long have you been a MUA?

I got my PDC award in Make up in 2002 in London and did my first photoshoot straight away. I remember being very nervous…I met the crew in South London and when I saw the photographer with the model I just wanted to run away: he previously gave me all the details about the look..except that the model had black skin (???!!!) It was quite tough but came out very well. That was my first real “lesson”.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Eight years in total. For four years alongside Space NK, two years with Daniel Sandler Cosmetics and two years as a full-time freelance MUA.

When did you get your ‘big break’?

When I came back to live in Milan and got represented by Green Apple Italia.

Gianfranco Ferre

What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry?

It’s a very competitive industry, especially these days. Be nice and people will want to work with you. Be perseverant, eventually it will pay back. Don’t rush things: it simply takes time.

Who has been your best client so far?

I worked with lots of lovely people…. but I have a very nice memory of working with Marie O’Riordan, former editor of Marie Claire UK. I did her make-up when she was the main judge for Britain’s Missing Top Model, she’s exquisite, very professional and I feel so lucky to have met her and worked for her.

And your favourite job so far?

Last year in Venice for the Chanel cruise show. It was AMAZING. From to the gorgeous hotel (booked out just for us) on the Lido, to working with the world’s top models, the magic atmosphere of Venice…

Watch for yourself (Warning - this video will make you A: jealous and B: crave Chanel)

What are you currently working on/who with?

I just did a shoot for Pierre Ancy.

How many brushes do you own?

Lots. More than 50 I’d say, but I tend to use my favourites most of the time, of which there are probably about 10.

What do you consider your speciality?

My make up style is generally soft, not really into the heavy handed stuff…my strong point is a good eye for colours.

What is your favourite brand, and why?

I like variety and to be able to I like to work with different brands: Laura Mercier for concealers, MAC and Becca for foundations, Daniel Sandler for blushers, Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks, Stila, Kevyn Aucoin, Chantecaille, Shu Uemura, Madina Milano, Stephane Marais, Chanel.

Donatella and Christopher Kane - like you do...

Your kit is on fire – and you can only save 5 things. What are they?

Bioderma Make up Remover Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Emulsion Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (if you don't own this after reading all of these MUA's list it in this section you're clearly missing a trick!) Lash Curler Daniel Sandler Watercolour You can follow Chiara's life on the road blog here. And check out her amazing website here!

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