Advertising v Allocation

Advertising v Allocation

We all know the power of beauty advertising in the glossy mags - and the pressure then put on the journalists to write about the advertisers products in their beauty pages. So much so that if like me, you are a beauty product AND a glossy mag junkie - you will know what is going to be inside simply from reading the headline on the cover..e.g. 'Top 5 Products you MUST own!' - I know what you're thinking! 'Top 5 Facials you MUST have!' - I know who you're thinking of! '5 Products to get you in to shape for the Summer!' - you get the picture... Bit repetitive? Indeed. It occurred to me that these lists very rarely contain one thing - what the staff ACTUALLY use!

All companies give their staff an 'allocation' - some very generous - some less so (one very famous MU line cut the entire allocation for their UK staff last year due to the economic crisis in the US - B.A.D. move - B.A.D. - upsetting the people who have to SELL your product - genius). So, from the girls (and some boys!) - the REAL products you should own! Advertising v Allocation!


Waiting lists for: Nail Polishes/Lipsticks

Staff swear by:


'the best colours and packaging'

HydraMax Serum

'LOVE it!'

Chantecaille Renowned for: Future/Real/Just Skin What you NEED?: Talc Free Loose Powder 'Oh my God - you don't realise what a loose powder IS until you have used this'

Mascara Faux Cils

'Permanently sold out for a reason'


Biggest Sellers: Hand Cream, Beauty Flash Balm, Multi-Active Day Cream What do the staff say you SHOULD be using?:

Tonic Oil

'Not just for pregnant women - I go insane if I am low on this'

Generation 6

'Everything in one bottle - can't live without it'

Hydra Quench Mask

'Fixes my face in 5 minutes' Estee Lauder Best known product: Advanced Night Repair Serum (quelle surprise) What do the staff swear by?:

Lash Primer Plus

'Does EXACTLY what is says on the tube'

'Cannot live without it' 'Would pay for it if I didn't work for the company!'

Laura Mercier Best-sellers: Tinted moisturiser

Everyone should own:

Hydratint SPF15 in Berry, Rose and Nude

'Perfect for every skin colour' Mac Renowned for: Spice Lip Liner Must have: Lip Glass - all variations - especially clear 'Anyone can use - on its own or over other product' Nars Renowned for: Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer, Body Glow What the team use?:

Mekong Eyeshadow

'The BEST no-red,no-orange brown'

Dragon Girl Velvet Matt Lip Pencil

Check these testers instore - they are always a stub

'the perfect grab-it-and-go red'

'obsessed with it' Shu Uemura Obviously!: Eyelash Curler Staff were adamant on this one:


'can be used wet or dry and the best pigment' Drawing Pencil Eye Liner in matt black 'I can do a full smoky eye with this one product in 3 minutes'

Sisley Best Sellers: Sisleya, Express Flower gel The staff order: Ecological Compound 'our best-kept secret' All Day All Year

'an unbelievable moisturiser' Trish McEvoy Renowned for: planners Staff use: Finish Line 'especially for jobbing make-up artists - weddings etc - makes everything waterproof'

So - the next time you're at a counter - say to the staff - 'what do you order on your allocation?'

You may be pleasantly surprised! Part 1 of 2! Pictures courtesy of Michelle George

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