Housekeeping and The Faith Brothers

Housekeeping and The Faith Brothers

So many things popped into my head while I was on holiday that left me thinking 'ooh I must mention that on the blog!'

I thought a weekly (or more often) housekeeping post would help my brain put everything into one place - responses to some comments, newness, what I've been doing - and just general news.

First up:

Thank you for your lovely responses to yesterday's post. I'm so encouraged that you got where I was coming from and grateful for the support. Let us make no more mention of 'them' and move on to nicer people. :)
Some of you had recognised Amica and couldn't quite place where - she was one of QVC's longest-serving models - but to us she was much more. A longtime friend and neighbour - our kids go to the same schools and we we've witnessed her journey with cancer first hand. When I turned up to do my first on-air QVC show Amica was coincidentally booked as the model. Seeing her face in the Green Room immediately put me at ease to the point where Aly said on air: 'You two are like old friends!' - to which we both replied 'We ARE!'. She was a kind, generous, loving woman and will be greatly missed by us all.


I used to travel a lot for work. Everywhere - the US, the Far East - but I have never been so jetlagged as I have been this week after getting back from our hols. Last night was the first time I've begun to sleep normally in a week. What is THAT about?


Why don't kids get jetlag like adults? Ugh. Mine are like Duracell batteries while the Mister and I are sofa-bound sloths.

IBS (possible TMI for those of you that prefer to skip ahead to the next topic).

Unfortunately the food was not great while we were away and it triggered the worst bout of IBS I've had in years. Literally. I've managed IBS with diet for the last few years and had forgotten just how bad the cramps etc are. So many of you mentioned you suffer too - feel free to leave me any sworn-by remedies in the comments - I can do without that again!


All quiet on the retail front. It's August. The world is either away - or pretending they are away.

Everyone in beauty retail.

Let the September pre-Christmas madness begin!

One more before I go.

Many years ago (almost 30 - WHAT?!?!) - my girlfriends and I followed a band called The Faith Brothers. *waves to Cheryl, Heather, Michelle, Nicky, Jo and the Faith's gang*

Ah how we rocked a crimper.

Formed by Billy Franks and Lee Hirons (check the surname) they are ultimately how I met Jim.

Their first album has just been remastered by my very clever brother-in-law and has been released as a special deluxe edition. What kind of a platform is this if I can't plug family?

*throws hands in the air - shouts 'GRIP-PERRRRR!!!!!'*

The Faith Brothers music is available on iTunes, Amazon and through Cherry Red Records.
More info on Billy and Lee.
Fath Brothers FB page.

Thanks for letting me shamelessly plug the fam.

Have a great weekend.

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