How to Prep Your Skin for Party Makeup with Jamie Genevieve

Pro-Makeup Artist and Founder of VIEVE, Jamie Genevieve, is known for her ultra-glowy makeup looks, so we sat down with her to find out her step-by-step guide for prepping the skin for makeup.

Step 1

I always start off with an exfoliating mask – this helps to create the perfect canvas and ensures that there is no dry skin the makeup could then cling to. Acid toners are great for this too, and if I am using a strong acid product, I’ll always do this the night before.

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Step 2

Next, it’s time to hydrate the skin. I love to use sheer layers of hydrating products to cushion and support the skin and to prevent the makeup from moving around or ending up too oily. I start by spritzing the skin with a hydrating mist and then follow with a hyaluronic acid serum.

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Step 3

Once I have added my sheer hydrating layers, I lock it all in with a moisturiser, which helps to create a smooth base – I love The Moisturiser by Skin Rocks. I then like to follow with a glowy primer to create a radiant base for my makeup.

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Step 4

Next, I prepare the lips with an exfoliator before applying a lip mask. I always do this whilst I do the rest of the makeup so that by the time I get to applying the lip product, the lips are nourished and smooth. For the exfoliator, I usually just make my own scrub by mixing together a little sugar and lip oil! I am a huge red lip advocate for the festive season, and the VIEVE Modern Matte Lipstick is, of course, my top pick. I always line and define with a lip liner when applying red lipstick, as this will ensure a clean edge and no bleeding. You can either choose a matching hue or create dimension with a deeper shade. For ultimate precision, I like to apply lipstick using a lip brush.

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Step 5

After I have applied my foundation, I go in with powder on a damp sponge and press this into the face. This helps to set your base and ensures it doesn’t move – it’s also a great hack for photography.

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Step 6

Throughout my makeup application, I like to layer up on my sealing products (i.e., setting spray and powder). I’ll usually do mists, powder, then mist again, and repeat this in sheer layers to really ensure my makeup stays put all day and night.

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Step 7

My final tip is to bring it down to the body! I feel like people spend so much time perfecting their face makeup but forget about the neck down! I love to mix my Skin Dew in with the Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm – which I fell in love with during pregnancy and have used since. Apply from the décolletage down for the ultimate party season glow.

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Words by Jamie Genevieve – Makeup Artist and founder of VIEVE

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