How to Remove Halloween Makeup

So you’ve spent ages creating your spooky Halloween look and it’s now time to remove it. Read our ultimate guide for adults and kids to ensure you look after your skin as you ‘de-ghoul’, including an exclusive video from Pro Makeup Artist Anna Lingis and our top tips if you have a reaction.

1. Start by gently removing any embellishments, lashes and prosthetic accessories. If they’re not coming off with ease, apply a little oil or a greasy balm to the area with a cotton bud and leave for a few seconds to loosen before removing.

2. Use an oil, balm or cream as your first cleanse and remove with a soft, damp flannel to help you thoroughly break down any makeup.

3. For your second cleanse, follow up with a cream cleanser to nourish and comfort the skin. Choose a conditioning formula that contains ingredients such as squalane, ceramides and glycerin to help replenish the skin post-cleanse.

4. If you are particularly congested and/or breakout-prone, use an exfoliating formula for your second cleanse that contains salicylic acid to help de-clog pores and reduce the chance of breakouts.

5. Struggling to get rid of glitter? Soak a cotton pad in cleansing oil and use it to gently sweep it off the skin. Avoid aggressively rubbing at the skin which will only move it around the face and lead to irritation.

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Removing Halloween makeup on kids

1. A micellar water made with sensitive skin in mind, can be an affordable and easy way to remove Halloween makeup on children. For any stubborn areas, hold the micellar-soaked pad over the areas for a few seconds before removing. For very young children, you can also use baby oil on a soft cotton round.

2. To remove any residue, follow with a gentle, fragrance-free cream cleanser (no fairy liquid or hand soap!).

If your skin feels irritated

For many, heavy halloween makeup can leave the skin feeling sore. If this happens, follow the below steps post-cleanse: 

1. Spritz on a cooling facial mist if your skin feels particularly warm and/or inflamed.

2. Pause the use of any high-strength actives, exfoliants or retinoids until your skin has calmed down and instead, pop on a soothing facial oil or serum to reduce any aggravation and replenish the skin.

3. Finish with a ceramide-rich moisturiser to help reinforce your skin barrier and lock in hydration.

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