How to Support Your Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin, that protects it from environmental aggressors and keeps your skin hydrated. If you have a damaged skin barrier, your skin may feel dry, tight, flaky, sore or look red. A compromised skin barrier may be caused by several different things such as cold weather, overusing actives or stripping the skin of its natural oils or from an allergy. 

What can you do?

Keep your routine basic. Don’t use actives, use hydrating and nourishing products. Keep it simple with a cleanser, hydrating mist, moisturiser and oil. Always use SPF.

A fragrance-free cleanser:
A hydrating mist:
  • Pai Century Flower Mist

  • Use this after cleansing, and throughout the day if your skin starts to feel tight or dry. This contains lotus flower to help calm, soothe and reduce the appearance of redness.

A facial oil:
  • Skin Rocks The Support Oil 

  • This oil is like a fire extinguisher for your skin. It contains jojoba and macadamia oils in a 100% plant-derived squalane base which helps to instantly calm whilst helping to reduce moisture loss and the appearance of redness. Use this under your moisturiser.

A fragrance-free moisturiser:
  • Skin Rocks The Moisturiser Fragrance Free

  • This formula contains pro-vitamin D3 which is a key ingredient in barrier care. It also contains ceramides and antioxidants to condition and hydrate the skin. The fragrance-free formula will help to soothe and nourish your skin, helping to improve your barrier function. It has a super smooth, whipped texture that absorbs perfectly into the skin, making it ideal for both your AM and PM routines.


Words by Caroline Hirons, Skin Rocks Founder and Skincare Expert

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