Introducing Skin Rocks Premium

Dear Skin Rocks Community and Freaks

Throughout my experience working in the skincare industry, my mission has always been to help make skincare make sense. I've shared 1000s of articles on my blog since it launched in 2010, and now on the app, to cut through the noise and give you a helping hand in finding products that work for you.

To bring you trustworthy skincare advice at your fingertips, I launched the Skin Rocks app, an expansive encyclopaedia of skin and home to a library of expert-written content – an industry first that I am very proud of. 

Alongside educational articles from myself, we have an in-house team of experts who write all the content you see. Our Content and Education Manager, Katie, is an experienced Aesthetician and Makeup Artist, our Content and Education Executive, Ceyda, is a Facialist and Chemist, and all of our Think Science™ content is peer-reviewed by our in-house Biochemists, New Product Development Manager Ashley Horler and Regulatory and Compliance Officer Charlie Pearce. All of this is to say that you can rest assured that what you are reading is led by expertise and free from industry jargon, overcomplicated terminology and misinformation.

The app is also home to an ever-growing product catalogue – currently sitting at over 23,000 products – to ensure we have an up-to-date collection of every product to hit the market and help you discover and shop for skincare with ease.

The app's evolution is shaped by you. Your feedback is invaluable, enabling us to continually improve it and ensure we are your ultimate guide to navigating the dynamic landscape of skincare. I’ve heard your requests for more ways to filter products and discover skincare I personally love, for more reviews and for more content, and so, with all of this in mind, we are now launching Skin Rocks Premium. 

As promised from the beginning, the app will remain free as it launched. You will still be able to use the product catalogue and have access to all the content you need to get started on your skincare journey. Now, however, for a small monthly/annual fee, you will have exclusive access to my content and unlock brand-new features you have requested – all with an elevated experience.

Founder Favourites will be instantly discoverable with the tap of a button.

– You can apply your skin profile to Founder Favourites to match them with your skin goals.

Notes can be added to your product reviews to keep track of your experiences.

– Products can be refined by price to help you find skincare that works for you.

– You will gain access to more expert reviews and advanced skincare content, with the ability to bookmark articles to read later. 

And this is only the beginning. Premium users will have access to further innovative features and exclusives across the year, all designed to elevate your skincare journey. 

With Skin Rocks Premium, we are continuing to raise the bar in skincare education and product discovery, with your needs and skin health at the heart of it all. 

As always, I can't wait to hear what you think. Start your free 7-day trial now.


Caroline x

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