Spotlight On: The Cream Cleanser by Skin Rocks

The first-ever Skin Rocks cleanser is here. Meet The Cream Cleanser: a conditioning cream formula to gently cleanse whilst respecting your barrier. Available in fragranced and fragrance-free versions, this luxurious cleanser is suitable for everyone. Read on to learn all you need to know.

About the brand:

Built on Caroline's 25 years of experience, Skin Rocks aims to bolster you and your skin to be the best it can be. Combining efficacy and science with clarity and education, truth is our responsibility. We'll always be clear on whether you actually need to purchase one of our products and more importantly, when you do not. All of our products have 'you need this if' and 'you don't need this if' on the outer packaging to make shopping for skincare easy and to ensure that you purchase the right product for your skin. Working with the world's best chemists, we'll only launch a product when the formula works as hard as Caroline wants it to. 

With our latest product to hit the shelves comes the launch of our brand new Cleanse category. Characterised by bright pink packaging that will stand out on your skincare shelf, you can now enjoy The Bookends™ with our Skin Rocks cleanser and moisturiser. The first in this category is The Cream Cleanser – a conditioning cream formula to gently cleanse your skin whilst working to soften, smooth and boost hydration.

Caroline Hirons Says:

“A great all-rounder for your first, second or morning cleanse, The Cream Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and conditions. The formula contains eight amino acids, squalane and jojoba seed oil to hydrate and protect the barrier without leaving any residue. 

Whilst our fragranced formula has been tested for sensitive skin, opt for the fragrance-free version if your skin is flaring up.

The Cream Cleanser:

Blended with our signature light, refreshing scent, this skin-conditioning cream cleanser gently breaks down any dirt, makeup, SPF and daily impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or dry. At Skin Rocks, we always prioritise treating dehydration first, which is why The Cream Cleanser has been developed with those prone to sensitivity or dryness in mind. Formulated with a cocktail of barrier-supporting ingredients such as squalane and jojoba seed oil, and with a combination of eight amino acids that have been carefully selected to mimic the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), The Cream Cleanser works hard to condition your complexion. In fact, it is so conditioning that it was almost a moisturiser! Skin is left feeling fresh, balanced and clean after use, making it the perfect start to your routine. 

At Skin Rocks, we rigorously test all of our formulas to meet the highest standards. During our consumer trial, 98% agreed that the product easily removes all traces of makeup, SPF, impurities and grime without leaving the skin feeling stripped,* so you’ll never have to worry about your cleanser drying out your skin again. This vegan-friendly cleanser is your gentle answer to dryness, dehydration, dullness and sensitivity. 

What does it smell like?

We went super subtle with our signature Skin Rocks scent; it’s as cool, crisp and refreshing as a tall glass of icy sparkling water with a twist of lemon peel and a scrunch of mint.

Prefer your skincare unscented? We also offer a fragrance-free formula.

The Cream Cleanser Fragrance Free: 

To cater to those with sensitivity to fragrance, or who simply prefer their skincare unfragranced, we are offering a fragrance-free version of The Cream Cleanser, carrying the same base formula and benefits as our fragranced cleanser. At Skin Rocks, accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of our values, which is why we wanted to ensure that the staples of your routine always have something for everyone; creating The Bookends™ with fragranced and fragrance-free offerings does just this.

Packaging Overview:

The Cream Cleanser cartons and leaflets are fully recyclable in the cardboard/paper stream. As always, we at Skin Rocks develop with 'formula first' in mind. On this occasion, we decided that a tube was the most appropriate for this formulation to aid ease of use whilst still providing a premium look and feel. We have done our best to choose a tube that is technically recyclable, provided the country you are in has the appropriate collection/sorting infrastructure for plastic in place. For example, while this is widely the case across the majority of Europe, the UK does not currently have the infrastructure in place to collect and appropriately sort and recycle cosmetic tubes such as this. Skin Rocks will consistently monitor any updates to this area, and how it may impact our product development process.

A note from Caroline: We will always package our products based on the usage behaviour of our customers. Following testing, it was clear that people wanted to be able to travel with The Cream Cleanser and use it in showers. Glass simply wasn’t appropriate here.


You need this if… You want a conditioning cream cleanser to remove light makeup, sun protection, sweat and grime.   You don’t need this if…  You prefer other cleansing textures.


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Words by Ceyda Faik-Yildirim MSci (Chemistry) - Team Skin Rocks

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