Summer Skincare Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey, but the combination of hormonal changes and hot weather can pose challenges for your skin. Here are our expert tips and tricks to help you navigate the summer season. 

Skin feeling sensitive?

The change in hormones during pregnancy, coupled with the warmer weather and increased pollen over summer, can cause your skin to flare up, triggering redness, irritation and sudden rashes. If this sounds like you, stick to a simple skincare routine and avoid high-strength 'actives'. Instead, opt for gentle formulas that calm and soothe the skin, such as The Support Oil – our rescue-in-a-bottle that's clinically proven to reduce skin redness by up to 42%.* 

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Breaking out?

Past the 'pregnancy glow' stage? If your skin is playing up - be that breakouts, congestion or increased hyperpigmentation - try azelaic acid. A brilliant option for those who cannot tolerate retinoids or do not wish to use them during this time, azelaic acid has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to target breakouts and reduce redness. 

It's also a tyrosinase inhibitor (tyrosinase being a key enzyme needed for melanin production) and will therefore be helpful for those struggling with hyperpigmentation and melasma during pregnancy.

The Support Oil has also been shown to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by 22% in 4 weeks*, making it a great choice for those prone to sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

Over heating?  

If your legs and ankles are swelling in the heat, a cooling leg serum will be your summertime BFF. Our favourite is the Bloom and Blossom Legs Eleven Serum. It’s lightweight and refreshing, using aloe vera leaf juice and peppermint leaf oil to help cool and revitalise hot, tired legs. 

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*Based on 47 participants using the product daily for 4 weeks. Independent Clinical Study 2022.

Words by Katie - Team Skin Rocks
Qualifications - BTEC, Beauty Therapy Applied Sciences

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