Top Tips for Sunburnt Skin

Struggling with sunburn? Here’s our expert advice to calm scorched skin.

Appearing within a few hours of being in the sun for too long, sunburn is an inflammatory reaction to UV exposure. It usually causes the skin to become red, sore, warm and tender, with the skin often beginning to peel and flake within a few days. If this sounds like you right now, this is what you need to do:

1. Use a gentle cleanser

When the skin is burnt and inflamed, the last thing you should do is add fuel to the fire. Keep your routine simple, skip the actives and stick to an ultra-gentle cleanser such as a milk or a cream. You can use these twice for your double cleanse to remove SPF at the end of the day.

2. Soothe the skin

Aloe vera has a soothing effect and can help to improve any discomfort that comes with sunburn. Apply an aloe vera gel regularly throughout the day to offset any irritation. Calamine lotion is another effective alternative.

Clinically proven to reduce redness by up to 42%*, The Support Oil is another fantastic choice, helping to nourish and calm irritated skin on the face and the body.

*Based on 47 participants using the product daily for 4 weeks. Independent Clinical Study 2022.

3. Cool down

Have a cold shower or bath, or regularly apply a cold compress to cool and provide instant relief to sunburnt skin. Do not apply ice directly to the skin as this can cause further irritation. 

4. Stay out of the sun

Make sure to keep out of the sun as much as possible to avoid further skin damage. Keep sunburnt areas of skin protected with loose clothing and SPF.

5. Hands off

Do not pick at peeling skin or blisters. This can inhibit the healing process and lead to further damage and potential infection.

6. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

7. Don't forget your SPF
Avoid history repeating itself and keep your skin protected by using an SPF50, regardless of the temperature. Make sure you reapply every 2 hours if you are spending time outside. 

Words by Katie - Team Skin Rocks
Qualifications - BTEC, Beauty Therapy Applied Sciences

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