Warm Weather Tool Kit

The arrival of the brighter months brings a welcome influx of warmer weather, and with temperatures rising and longer, sunnier days on the horizon, it may be time to adjust your routine. Here are the essentials…

1. Step up your sun protection

No matter the temperature, it is essential to be wearing SPF daily - especially if you are spending more time outside. Choose a formula you enjoy using and reapply regularly (every 2 hours is the general rule), particularly if you are sunbathing, swimming or sweating. Our current favourites are the following:

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2. Reinforce with an antioxidant serum

The brighter months are when antioxidant serums can really get to work. Helping to fight off damage from the sun and pollution, adding a serum containing ingredients such as vitamin C, resveratrol, niacinamide and vitamin E to your morning routine will work wonders at keeping your skin healthy and preventing hyperpigmentation. It will also help to give you greater protection than using suncream alone.

3. Switch up your moisturiser

Now that you’re packing away your winter coats in exchange for lighter layers, you may wish to do the same with your moisturiser. Unless you have a drier skin type or are struggling with post-tret peeling, you will unlikely need to use the rich cream you may have used during the winter. Try a lightweight cream or gel formula for a refreshing layer of moisture - a welcome change when skin can become oilier in the warmth.

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 4. Layer in your hydration

Struggling with dehydration? The changeable spring weather and somersaulting between switching the heating on and off, plus the addition of air con on particularly warm days and extra sun exposure, can leave your skin parched. Combat this by adding a hydrating mist or essence into your routine. These smaller staples are perfect for packing away with you too…

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Words by Katie - Team Skin Rocks
Qualifications - BTEC, Beauty Therapy Applied Sciences

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