FAQs – Skin Rocks


Thank you for downloading our app. If you have questions about how to use, understand and make the most of it's features, then please check out our FAQ's below.

Using my app

Yes! The app is free for all users.

Your account is not a subscription. No need to unsubscribe.

For iOS, navigate to your iPhone settings, scroll down to apps - select Skin Rocks, select ‘Notifications’, and toggle ‘Allow Notifications’ to turn them off/on.

For Android, navigate to your Settings in the Skin Rocks app (far right tab) then Toggle Push Notifications on or off.

We use the information in your skin profile to provide custom recommendations. The more you explore products and guides, the more we learn about your skins needs and what works for you.

We will always make it clear if you're seeing an ad - you'll see the terms 'sponsored' or 'paid for'.

Absolutely! Skin Rocks supports iOS 11.0 and Android 5.0. We recommend using the most up to date release to make sure all features function as expected.

Be sure you stay up to date by using the most recent version of the Skin Rocks App! To ensure your app updates automatically access your iOS device Settings. Scroll down and select iTunes & App Stores, enable Updates under the Automatic Downloads section.

To check if your Skin Rocks app is up to date please visit the App Store on your iPhone and search Skin Rocks.

Products: Use the search bar at the top of this page to search for your desired product. Our search is smart and will utilise the information provided to showcase the most optimum products based on your criteria.

The Column: Use the search bar at the top of this page to search for your desired content.

Skin Rocks is not a social media platform. We're working on introducing product reviews from other Skin Rocks users.

Accessing my account

Your Skin Rocks Shop Floor account is entirely separate to your Skin Rocks App, the two are not linked.

You can change any of the information in your Skin Profile by selecting the section you’d like to update.

Please contact us at contact@skinrocks.com to request a change of email. Please note that we allow one account per email, if it appears you have multiple accounts, please input the password linked to the correct email address or alternatively, create a new account with your chosen email.

To delete your account contact us at contact@skinrocks.com.

Yes. Skin Rocks is in accordance with GDPR.

My products in the app

Skin Rocks provides users with recommendations based on their concerns and preferences. If you experience any issues or reactions to products we advise you to contact the brand directly. If still unsure, please consult your GP or a medical professional.

Right now we don’t offer in-App purchasing, but if you find a product that’s right for you, you can navigate to the brands website, where you can browse and purchase products directly. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information around affiliates. [We’re looking at adding direct links to your favourite products in a future update.]

We will constantly be updating Skin Rocks! We aim to add hundreds of new products every week.

Skin Rocks is dedicated to the world of skincare so will not be featuring makeup, however you can expect to see skincare tools.

Yes, you can hit the like button to add products to your saved lists. ‘Products I Want’ or ‘Products I Have’.

To view the products you want or have, head to your Profile and select Saved. This will show you the products you have saved by selecting the heart button in product view.

Visit your chosen Saved List and un-select the heart. This will remove the product from your chosen list.

There is no fee for a brand to upload its products into the app.

Prices currently displayed on Skin Rocks are provided directly by the brand and may not be representative of high street retail prices or other territories. We understand how important price is when making purchase decisions, so they’re here to guide you based on your budget.

I’m a brand

If you're a brand, you will be featured! We are building a skincare database which aims to include everyone.

No, Skin Rocks is a database that has no bias, so all skincare brands will be included. Users will be recommended products based on their profile - this might mean you see some brands more than others as they target your skin concerns.

It won't cost you anything to be on the app. If you're a new brand, please introduce yourself to our team via brands@skinrocks.com and we can take it from there.

Yes, you will see the likes of Skin+Me and Dermatica on the app. As these are prescription brands, it is not possible to showcase each individual product, as they are prescribed bespoke to you.

The app's recommendations are purely driven by science, facts and the information provided in users' profiles. Skin Rocks product pages are led by fact, not opinion.

If you have spotted an error in your brand's factual information, please contact brands@skinrocks.com.